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Jan 09 2010

Fire Door Survey

Category: FDAI,Fire DoorsLori @ 5:59 pm Comments (3)

In 2007, the annual inspection of fire door assemblies became a code requirement that is gradually being adopted across the U.S. Given the enormous quantity of fire doors and the relatively small number of qualified fire door inspectors, implementation of this change has been challenging, but because of the appalling condition of the fire doors I see daily, I am determined to increase awareness of this requirement and use it to improve the safety of buildings.

surveyI am collecting some data about what the general public knows about fire doors, to illustrate that the lack of awareness leads to modifications which affect the doors’ performance.  For example, wood wedges are often used to hold open fire doors for convenience, without the users realizing the implications.

I’m hoping that you will help me collect this data.  I’ve created a survey to see what people know about fire doors.  If you would send the link to people you know (not door experts, just “regular” people) and ask them to take the 5-minute survey, I’d really appreciate it.  I believe that the survey results will clearly support the need for annual fire door inspections.

Thanks!  Here’s the link:

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3 Responses to “Fire Door Survey”

  1. Jess says:

    hey lori, survey really well written enjoyed the questions you made for it.


  2. Doro says:

    Same here.

    I took the survey and I hope I could help.

  3. Bob Caron says:

    OOps, I didn’t intend to take the quiz, I just wanted to see what the questions were and I ended up submitting a blank page. Sorry Lori.
    I’ll post this at some of the bulletin boards I hang out at.

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