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Jan 18 2010

Another Strike Where it Doesn’t Belong

Category: Doors Gone WrongLori @ 11:08 pm Comments (4)

Another StrikeA few weeks ago I saw an ASA strike used in an oddball location, and the other night I saw the deadbolt strike on the right.

This is the entrance door to an upscale restaurant in Boston.  I don’t really know what they were trying to cover with it, because any screw hole with a little wood putty would look better than this.

I guess most people wouldn’t notice it or wonder why it was there but my friends weren’t surprised when I whipped out my camera.  They’ve accepted it as just one of my strange (but lovable) quirks.  😉

At least this time it’s not a fire door!

4 Responses to “Another Strike Where it Doesn’t Belong”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    Could the door be splitting and they are using the strikes to hold it together? There’s another one down by the glass under the closer.

    • Lori says:

      Hey Bob –

      I think you might be right. It is a stile and rail door so maybe the stile is splitting from the top rail. What a hack-job though!

      I hope whoever’s responsible for this doesn’t see this post, like when I talked about the semi-concealed closers and the supplier/installer from Israel saw the post!

      – Lori

  2. Jess says:

    what a small world Lori, i remember that post, lets just hope he wasnt upset when you posted about his work (naked closers on top of doorframe)

    this, i think this will be as CLOSE as a strike and a closer will get on the same door (and mounted)

    another way they could have fixed this (im sure some engineer at LCN will get the heebeejeebes for my idea) since on a 4040’s (standard and XP) their mounting hole pattern could easily put a screw on either side of the crack and hold the stile and top rail together.

    ok, not the best idea (closer holding it together) but best to do, remove door from hinges, remove that strike and closer, clean out the crack, put in some strong wood glue, some long screws as well, then clamp door in some wood clamps to let dry, then when dry, scrape off the bulging out wood glue and remount hardware and put back on the hinge in doorway

    appears from the closer cover outline and filled in hole a competitor’s closer was here before this LCN 4040……….

  3. Andy Lindenberg says:

    You…………Camera………….Door hardware…………..Not strange at all. Ask my family. They’re used to it!

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