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Dec 30 2009

Interesting Place for an ASA Strike

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I have heard from some code officials that annual fire door assembly inspections aren’t feasible because there are too many fire doors, or aren’t necessary because the building inspectors and fire marshals already have it covered.  The application below caught my eye on the way into my hotel the other other night.  It’s the fire door that separates the wing my room is in from the lobby and the other three wings. The door is in rough shape, most likely because the panic device has been replaced several times and there’s nothing left in the door to attach it to.  Someone decided that an ASA strike is just the ticket…they used it kind of like a giant washer.  Not to mention that the replacement panic is not fire exit hardware and is equipped with dogging which allows the latch to be held retracted.

Will this door protect me during a fire?  I hope I don’t have to find out.

That's an interesting place for an ASA strike. Hotel Panic Device

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One Response to “Interesting Place for an ASA Strike”

  1. Andy Lindenberg says:

    If they don’t issue the dogging “key”, you don’t have to worry, right? (LOL!)

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