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Nov 30 2009

Not a Door

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Not A DoorThe cool thing about writing a blog from my little office within a very large company is that I write about whatever strikes me at the time. Unlike many corporate bloggers, I am not told what to write about and my posts aren’t approved before they’re posted. I’m grateful that I have that freedom, because I use this forum to teach people about doors and hardware, and my favorite topic – codes related to openings. At the same time, I am constantly learning by answering questions, looking at applications, and researching new requirements.

The not-so-cool part about being solely responsible for this site, is that I’m solely responsible for this site. 😉 When I have the flu (like right now), nobody fills in for me. I’m not complaining, merely explaining why my “Turkey Day” post has been hanging around for so long, and why this post might look like I’m just being lazy.

Every so often, a photo shows up in my inbox and immediately answers the question of what I’m going to post about that day. The photo at right arrived today and I surfaced from the Nyquil fog long enough to post it for your enjoyment. It’s a follow-up to a post I did last week, about signage stating “NOT AN EXIT.” I think the person responsible for this sign had the same requirement in mind, but was even more confused.  Because that IS a door.  Even in my current state I can recognize a door.

Thank you to Brian Messina of Kamco Supply Corp of Boston for sending this photo which made tonight’s post possible – even from my sickbed.  I may be sick for a while so if you’ve got a photo you can help me out with, send it along.

5 Responses to “Not a Door”

  1. Bob Caron says:

    Remember the old children’s riddles by Bennett Cerf?

    When is a door not a door?

    When it’s ajar.

  2. Jess says:

    hehehe when is a door NOT a door? when its ajar 🙂 if its got hinges on one side and a handle on the other, YEP ITS A DOOR.

    sad to hear you are not feeling well right now, PLEASE get better soon, we all love reading your posts no matter how educational or entertaining they are.

    get plenty of rest when your not working and keep hydrated.


    • Lori says:

      Funny…by the time I was able to review this morning’s comments for approval, you had both said the exact same thing! Great minds think alike, I guess. 🙂

  3. Firefighter Kurt says:

    Some municipalities require legally permitted inoperable doors to be marked on the outside as “NOT A DOOR” or something similar.

    The reason is that firefighters often force doors open to make entry for fire attack and they do not want to waist time on doors that go nowhere or into a dangerous area like a sudden drop-off.

    Consider a shopping mall where a 1 new large tenant takes up 3 old small spaces:
    – Two of the 3 back doors may not be needed or required for the space. – The new tenant covers two of the doors on the inside with an interior wall or or shelving.
    – From the outside it would appear their are 3 options to gain entry into the structure. But in reality only one is operable.

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