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Oct 19 2009

Schlage LiNK

Category: Locks & Keys,VideosLori @ 9:20 pm Comments (2)

The other day, one of my friends asked me about the new Schlage LiNK, which is a remote access system that connects you to your home from anywhere via cell phone or computer.  With the monthly subscription and Z-Wave enabled products, you can remotely control and monitor your door locks, check on your pets with live video, turn lights on and off, and control and monitor your home’s heating and cooling system.

I thought this independent review of the product was pretty interesting, so Larry, this is for you:

For more information, here’s a *link* to the Schlage LiNK website:

2 Responses to “Schlage LiNK”

  1. Jess says:

    hey Lori, interesting find, I recently found the youtube video to the lock that is mentioned in the video as well, I have seen the commercials on TV and some say that its like parental monitoring for the home, which in this day in age is really good, so mom and dad can make sure kids get home from school on time and are safe when they get home.

    I sometimes wish I could put in a keyless lock or biometric, (but leave one of the locks a key lock) so it would be easier for me to get in back door of house when I’m bringing stuff in from the store.

  2. Ron says:

    i’m generally good with something like a schlage
    keyless lock as long as the keypad is the kind
    that resists fingerprints and heat of touch viewing
    with an IR camera.. but on my own house, i don’t
    subscribe that i should pay a monthly fee to use
    the wireless/internet aspect.. of course, schlage
    can sell the ‘service’ and get rmr – that is,
    recurring monthly revenue… more power to ’em …

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