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Aug 15 2009

Colonial Williamsburg

Yesterday we decided that there was still too much to see so we can’t go home just yet.  We haven’t run out of clean clothes, so why not?  We spent the entire day taking in the sights of Colonial Williamsburg, without a thrill ride or water slide in sight.  I saw so many interesting doors that I made them into a short slide show for your viewing pleasure:

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2 Responses to “Colonial Williamsburg”

  1. Debbie White says:

    Hello Lori, it looks like you had an exciting trip back there. I was wondering why those square bulkly locks were used (skeleton key access), are those the original locks that got installed way back when? When you have a moment to spare maybe you could let us know or me anyway.

    Glad your trip was a safe one.

    Debbie White
    SSC Nor Cal

    • Lori says:

      Hi Debbie –

      I’m sure those are the original locks or prototypes. I have a contact at CW who is familiar with the hardware so I sent him some questions and hopefully I’ll have more info to post shortly.

      – Lori

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