If there weren’t a lot of doors at Busch Gardens, there were even less at Water Country, where we spent the day today.  For me, a day without hardware is like a day without sunshine, but I survived.  Since I don’t have any funky applications from today, I’ll answer a question from the mailbag.  Debbie asked whether my husband is along on this road trip, since I haven’t mentioned him.  I actually have mentioned him…not as often as I’ve mentioned Chip, but I did give him credit for spotting the Falcon bumper sticker the other day.  In fact, I’ve mentioned him 5 times during our trip so yes, he is with me, but he refuses to pose for photos with hardware or even doors.  Go figure.

"I think you lost a piece."I did happen to snap this photo of him the other day, entertaining the kids by taking apart the Falcon lever trim.  I was checking to see how to change the hand and he can’t resist tinkering with stuff, so he took over.  I think his patience with 2 weeks of hardware is wearing thin though.  Yesterday I told him I was going to ask the ticket concierge at our hotel if I could go into her office and take a picture of her exterior door, and he told me that there are medical facilities for door addicts and I need treatment.  He caught me looking at the stair door in our hotel and said, “You’re sick…seriously.”  So if you have been picked on, laughed at, or even called “sick” because of your love of hardware, you’re not alone.  😉

falcon-leverSince we had the Falcon lever trim out and in pieces on the hotel carpet, I’ll take this opportunity to talk about it.  It’s nice.  It’s heavy duty, with compression springs, beefy parts, and a simple design.  There’s a vandal-resistant version available (511L), and both the standard and vandal-resistant controls are available in Dane, Quantum, and Sutro lever styles.  The back of the exit device has one trim input so it’s very flexible for stocking distributors.  Just grab a device and any of the available controls, and you’re good to go.

Speaking of controls…if you’ve always wondered about the difference between an exit device trim and a control, a control has the locking function built in, so the locking is occuring at the lever.  With a trim, the locking occurs at the exit device.  The Falcon lever trims are actually controls – the locking occurs at the lever.

We decided to extend our road trip by one extra day, so we’ll be heading toward home on Sunday.  We’re planning to stop and see some of Chip’s siblings which were installed at a test site, so I hope to have a full report on their condition.

Enjoy your weekend!

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