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Mar 06 2009

Solution for Leakers

Category: Door Closers,Funky ApplicationsLori @ 3:26 pm Comments (1)


I think this has to be my all-time favorite photo (so far) of Doors Gone Wrong.  If you don’t immediately recognize what you’re looking at, it’s an ingenious solution to a leaking closer – a little cup attached to the closer arm to catch the drips.  I wonder how often they have to empty it.  BTW…this is NOT an LCN closer.

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One Response to “Solution for Leakers”

  1. Jess says:

    appears you found a leaky international or global closer, thats a first, a cup under the leaky pivot, will someone PLEASE either replace the closer with LCN or replace the leaky O-RING!!! many places (depends on state and building code standards) a leaking closer can be a big problem, not only can their oil be flammible (light weight hydraulic oil) but also can cause a fall from the puddle and just looks terrible and if enough oil escapes from closer, LOSS OF DOOR CONTROL (slamming or rapid closing)

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