Some states have issued state-specific guidance regarding the requirements for school security.  If you have updated information to add, please use the form at the bottom of the page and it will be reviewed and added to the page.

  • Alabama – memo on classroom door locks – must be code-compliant
  • Alaska – compliance with 2012 IBC and IFC required – per SFM (03/24/18)
  • Arizona – compliance with 2012 IFC required – per SFM (03/24/18)
  • Arkansas – law which allows barricade devices to be used
  • California – DSA bulletin on classroom door locks (see also AB211, SB316 and AB677)
  • Colorado – code change which allows interim measures until January 1, 2018
  • Connecticut – state fire marshal memo reinforcing current code requirements
  • Florida – DOE memo prohibiting non-code-compliant devices
  • Florida – guidelines which require classroom security locks
  • Illinois – state guidelines that require code-compliant locks and prohibit barricade devices
  • Indiana – guidance for unplanned fire alarms and state requirements for egress
  • Kansas – state fire marshal memo which allows temporary security devices
  • Louisiana – state fire marshal memo which allows one additional operation to unlatch a deadbolt
  • Maryland – state fire marshal memo which requires thumbturn locking and one operation to unlock
  • Massachusetts – advisory on school safety including fire drills, lockdown plans, and classroom security
  • Michigan – memo about latching on fire doors
  • Michigan – article stating that barricade devices are allowed
  • Minnesota – rationale against using barricade devices from the State Fire Marshal
  • Montana – state fire marshal memo reinforcing current code requirements
  • New Hampshire – school safety assessment that requires code-compliant locks
  • New Jersey – keyless locking required, access control on new buildings
  • New Jersey – bulletin which allows some devices but not others
  • New York – bulletin which reinforces current code requirements and recommends classroom security locks
  • North Carolina – adopted 2018 i-Code modifications on classroom security
  • Ohio – bill to override current fire code requirements and allow barricade devices
  • Ohio – advisory statement supporting current code requirements
  • Ohio – Board of Building Standards Classroom Barricade Forum Report
  • Oregon – State Fire Marshal’s bulletin on aftermarket security devices
  • Tennessee – message from the state fire marshal which prohibits non-code-compliant classroom security
  • Utah – law allowing barricade devices when approved by the State Fire Marshal
  • Wisconsin – Department of Safety & Professional Service Q&A prohibiting barricade devices

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