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The first class in this series is an introduction to codes and the code development process, and the requirements pertaining to accessibility.  If you do not see the video embedded below, you may access the video for this on-demand presentation by clicking here

To refer back to the information on this page you can use the direct link (idighardware.com/decoded-class-1/), but please do not share the link as I would like to keep track of who takes the class by asking everyone to register first.

Independent Study: History of codes and the tragedies that prompted code changes, a summary of the code development process and the codes and standards used for this course.

General Information: Background info on egress terminology, identifying the use group or occupancy classification, and calculating the occupant load and egress capacity.

Exercise: Click here for a 10-question quiz that covers some of the topics in this class.

Practice: If you’d like some extra practice, you can download an additional exercise here.

Force Gauge: The high-accuracy gauge shown in this presentation is available from Wagner Instruments.

Animations: The maneuvering clearance animation and others are available on ADA.gov.

Articles: Links to accessibility articles on iDigHardware.

Presentation: PDF of Powerpoint slides with space to take notes.

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