I know that most of us have seen projects with wonky door numbering…alpha-numeric door numbers with 10+ digits, door numbers that weren’t indicative of the floors where the openings were located, door “types” where multiple doors have the same tag.  Often doors are added later and have numbers out of sequence, making it impossible to find them on the plans or in the building.  Or my personal favorite (NOT!) – when all of the doors are renumbered in the middle of the project.

Once the building is built, there are several reasons to maintain some sort of numbering system for the door openings.  Numbering key doors – especially on the exterior – can help emergency responders reach the right location more quickly.  Fire door inspections can be conducted more efficiently with proper door numbering.  For larger facilities with a work order system for maintenance, the doors need to be identified in some way.

An iDigHardware reader recently asked me about standards or best practices for door numbering – a system to be used throughout the life of the building.  I have my preferences, but I’m wondering what you would do if you could start from scratch and do it right.  To get the creativity flowing, the plans for the complex in question are below (this is an existing building – not under construction).  Should the door numbers be separated by section?  By floor?  Should fire doors be noted in the door tag somehow?  How about doors with access control?


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