Many of you already know this (900 of you have already signed up), but this Thursday I will be presenting another webinar.  It will be an introduction to the code requirements for electrified hardware and access control, in preparation for a series of more in-depth webinars on the codes that apply to specific applications.

For example, if during next month’s webinar I mention an electric strike, you will need to know what an electric strike is and how it works.  If you attend this week’s webinar, you will have that foundation already.  Of course, many of you know all about electric strikes, so I want to make sure that your time is well-spent.  So here’s a more comprehensive list of what will be covered on Thursday, to help you decide whether to attend the webinar.

The basic topics:

  • General info on adopted codes, occupancy classifications, and how the requirements for egress, fire protection, and accessibility affect electrified hardware
  • Fail safe and fail secure functions – how they work and which products fall into each category
  • Field preparations of fire door assemblies for electrified hardware – recent changes to NFPA 80
  • How the different types of electrified hardware function – electromechanical and electromagnetic locks, delayed/controlled egress, electric latch retraction, exit alarms, and electric strikes
  • Battery backup for electromagnetic locks – the intent of NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Code
  • An introduction to each of the code sections that apply to electrified hardware – 9 basic applications including which systems are required to be listed to UL 294 Standard for Access Control

I know, it’s A LOT to cover in a 1-hour webinar, especially since I’ll be saving time for Q&A at the end.  But this is just the introduction and I will go into more detail in future webinars.  I’ve taught so many code classes in the last 35 years (hundreds?) and in my experience, it is much easier for people to digest code information in small doses.  I clearly remember a full-day class I taught for locksmiths where we were all relieved to have the class interrupted by a fire alarm so our brains could have a break.

If anything on the list above sounds like something you need to learn more about, or if you want to be fully prepared for the in-depth webinars, tune in on Thursday!  If you have colleagues who could benefit from these webinars, feel free to share the information with them.  The registration links are on the Webinars page of iDigHardware.  If you have registered but have not received a confirmation with the link to join the webinar, check your spam/junk/clutter folders and if you don’t find it, send me an email.


There are some other webinars coming up this week…I’ll post that information tomorrow!

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