A couple of weeks ago I told you that we would be updating the laminated fire door inspection cards and I asked if you had any suggestions.  In response to your comments, we changed the length of the card to 11 inches (instead of 12), left some space at the top for your label or seal, and added a note about door clearances.  I also updated the information to reference the most current code requirements.  The new cards will continue to be laminated, but per your request, you can also print them locally if you’d like – just email me and I will send you the print file.

If you left a comment on the previous post asking for some of the new cards, I’ll have those sent out as soon as the cards are printed and laminated.  If you didn’t add your order to the previous post, you can leave it in the reply box below.  (I also have a label question for you, so scroll down and see if you know the answer.)

Here are the newly-updated cards – and thanks for your patience!


I received these photos from Sid Ahmed Kaaouachi of United Fire Doors.  What do you think the rating of this fire door assembly would be (how many minutes?), based on the labels on the door and frame?


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