The history video I posted last month got rave reviews, so I know you’re going to love this one!

This message accompanies the video on Von Duprin’s YouTube channel:

The original 1940’s film from Von Duprin, converted from its 16mm original format. By 1952, it had been shown in more than 500 cities across the US, in coordination with fire marshals, schools, and plant safety directors. The film was offered as a public service in the interest of safety and is not a product story or an advertisement. Von Duprin had multiple reels of this film that it shipped, for free, to anywhere in the country, on request. It’s hard to imagine being in a building today where you couldn’t easily escape through the doors in an emergency. This film, while perhaps a bit dated, does an outstanding job of capturing the emotional state of a panic, and makes practical observations on opening design and function in the interest of life safety.

Special thanks to Mary Gaskill for preserving the original 16mm reels until we could re-discover their importance.

I’m very proud that I can continue to share the importance of life safety and free egress!

Do you see any differences between the information in this video and the code requirements of today?

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