Tomorrow I will return to my regularly scheduled programming, but today I am tied up, traveling home from Tennessee.  And do you know what this is a picture of?  The Schlage AD lock on my oldest daughter’s dorm for next year, at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville!

It still surprises me that so many people are interested in what’s going on behind the scenes for me, but I know that some of you have been waiting to hear which school we finally chose after visiting quite a few campuses last summer.  Yesterday we received the news that Aliya earned a spot in the Haslam Scholars Program at UTK, and we are so proud and excited!

I’m sure it still seems a little dorky to my family when I check out doors and hardware, but I will say this with 100% honesty – I feel comforted by the security on the UTK campus.  There is Allegion hardware everywhere!  🙂  The students may not think much about it, but I love that the prox fobs give them access to their hall and their room (as well as the laundry room and rec room), and people who do not live in that part of the dorm do not have access unless they are escorted by a resident.

Today my extended family and I have been reminiscing about our college days, and the amenities – including security – have certainly changed in the last 30+ years.  And with electronic security comes convenience, and convenience means that there is less likelihood of doors being propped open or security defeated in other ways.  Lost fobs can be removed from the system to prevent unauthorized access.  An audit trail can confirm which credential was used on which lock, and when.  What more could a mom want?  😀

Thank you to everyone who gave us advice, tolerated my extra-hectic travel schedule, took us on campus tours, and kept their fingers crossed throughout this process.  The good vibes you sent our way paid off!

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