This morning I was perusing my copy of A117.1-2017 – Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.  To refresh your memory, this is the accessibility standard that is referenced by the International Building Code (IBC), BUT – the 2018 IBC references the 2009 edition of A117.1, so the 2017 edition of A117.1 isn’t really in use yet.  (I hope that makes sense!)  Nevertheless, when a new edition of a code or standard comes out I tend to use that one for research, so I can become familiar with changes from the previous edition.

Anyway…I was looking up something about recessed doors and the required maneuvering clearance (more on that here), and I remembered that there was an error in the section on maneuvering clearance.  The 2009 edition requires the front-approach maneuvering clearance on the push side of a manual door to extend 12 inches past the latch side if the door is equipped with both a closer and a latch.  The 2017 edition does not include the note requiring the extra 12 inches.  When I asked someone from the ICC about this a while back, I was told that it was a mistake and would be corrected by an errata document.

The errata document has been published, but it’s a little hard to find.  You can download it from the ICC’s errata page, and it does show the maneuvering clearance changed back to require the 12-inch latch side clearance when both a closer and latch are provided.  If you use this standard frequently (and you should!), the ICC has a Commentary version that includes the standard but also supplemental information explaining the intent of the requirements.  You can purchase the Commentary here.

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