We’ve all seen signs stating the posted occupant load for a particular space, but the other day someone asked me…

When are facility managers and building owners required to post signs stating the occupant load of a room or area?

I have written about posting the occupant load before, but that post had to do with a posted occupant load that was less than the actual calculated load (the post is here).  So, when and where are the signs required?

The International Building Code (IBC) states:

1004.9 Posting of occupant load. Every room or space that is an assembly occupancy shall have the occupant load of the room or space posted in a conspicuous place, near the main exit or exit access doorway from the room or space, for the intended configurations. Posted signs shall be of an approved
legible permanent design and shall be maintained by the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.

A state or local jurisdiction may have additional requirements, but the IBC is clear – it requires the occupant load to be posted near the main exit for each room or space within an assembly occupancy.  Posted signs would not be required by the IBC for other types of occupancies, but the local code official can confirm whether there are other state or local requirements that would affect the required signage.

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