This is something that I don’t know a lot about, because it’s not really code-related.  But I’m POSITIVE that some of you are experts and I hope that you will share your expertise in the reply box below.  I say that it’s not code-related because although the model codes do require a sensor to be used with certain types of electrical locking systems, the codes are not specific about the type of sensor that must be used.

For access control systems where the lock is released by a sensor on the egress side (typically electromagnetic locks), the International Building Code (IBC) simply says: “The sensor shall be installed on the egress side, arranged to detect an occupant approaching the doors, and shall cause the electric locking system to unlock.”  The type of technology used in the sensor is not addressed.

So I ask you…what’s the best/most reliable/most secure type of sensor to use as a request-to-exit sensor in an access control system?  Passive infrared?  Microwave?  Temperature?  Dual technology?  Something else?  If you have a preference, tell me why (please).


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