Before we get to today’s post (below), I have an update on the NFPA 101 voteTwo appeals have been filed, asking that the 1-operation language (approved by vote at the technical meeting) be rejected in favor of the proposed language allowing 2 releasing operations.  I will share the appeals when they become available to the public; they will be discussed at the next NFPA Standards Council meeting in August. 

I see some parallels between this situation and the efforts made by Carl Prinzler to convince building owners to install outswinging doors with panic hardware.  More than 100 years ago, Carl maintained that the cost of code-compliance should not be the prevailing factor when considering products that could impact life safety.  Lacking data or studies to show that it’s time to change this stance on safety, what is the motivation for the change?


Many of you have heard this story before, but this video is terrific!  I don’t know how or where my coworker, Peter Wilson, found all of this information, but GREAT JOB PETER!!

See if you can catch the original price of panic hardware in the catalog shown in the video!  🙂

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