I think there really are a thousand ways to screw up a door, but it’s not every day you see a cartoon on the subject.  Jim Phillips of SBS Associates sent me this oldie that he found in a file.  Anyone know where it originated?  I’d like to give credit to the artist.

Doors, frames, and hardware can be incredibly complicated, especially when you add access control, existing conditions, various manufacturers, and factor in the code requirements.  I still remember some of the mistakes I made back in the early days…like the time I had a project with 2 different veneers, and I ordered the paint-grade birch doors for openings where I should have ordered oak, and vice versa?  Have I ever told you about the time my boss ordered 728 plastic laminate doors with the hardware locations 1/8-inch off?  And it always seemed like when one thing went wrong on a project, other problems usually followed.  Am I right??

If hardware was easy, they’d call it easy-ware!  😀


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