MRI RoomI’ve never been able to get a thorough answer on this one, so hopefully someone out there has this information and is willing to share.

When you are specifying/supplying hardware within a room housing MRI equipment, such as the pair of doors to the small closet in this partial plan, what base material is acceptable in order to prevent the hardware from affecting the magnetic field?  Is some iron content ok, or none at all?  How do we guarantee that every component of every piece of hardware is acceptable?

I’ve heard several suggestions in the past…

  • brass/bronze hardware?
  • stainless steel hardware?
  • hardware with no metal whatsoever?
  • hardware supplied “by others”?

One of my coworkers also pointed out this tragic incident, where a child was killed when an MRI machine pulled an oxygen tank across the room, fracturing the boy’s skull and causing a brain injury.  We need to get it right.


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