It’s not always easy being a one-woman band – especially on days when I spend all day on airplanes and then have to come up with something educational and engaging to post for the next day.  I was so happy to arrive at the hotel last night and find this photo from Austin Bammann, of Central Indiana Hardware.  This is a great illustration of the variations and unintended patterns that can occur with rotary cut natural birch doors (“To infinity…and beyond!”).  Like Austin, I fielded many complaints from architects over the years, and began warning them when I saw rotary natural birch in their specification.

Rotary Natural Birch

There is additional information about wood door veneer selection at (slicing, matching).  If you have other good sources of information, or photos you’d like to share, send it along and I’ll add it to this post.

Do you have any advice to share regarding wood veneers? 

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