Last week I wrote a post exploring why some of the kick plates at the new Virtue Field House have the word “EXIT” in luminous letters.  I shared a second photo from John Gant of Allegion, showing another bank of doors in the field house which had a floor-proximity illuminated exit sign.  After reading some comments discussing whether the second set of doors was visible enough because of the way they were painted, John thought we might like to see a larger view of these doors.  What do you think?

MC Panther

Photo: StudioFresh – There are additional photos of this mural project here.

The new field house was designed by Sasaki, and is 120,000 square feet, with a 6-lane, 200 meter track and a 20,000-square-foot turf field.  It accommodates 500 spectators for sporting events and up to 5,000 people for assembly functions.

Unrelated to doors but extremely cool, the Middlebury College Newsroom has a video about the facility’s Athletics History Wall where visitors can interact with over 6,000 photos of Middlebury’s athletes.

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