I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.  Over the weekend I was talking with a friend who said he had been thinking about how to leave his mark on the world during his lifetime.  He turned to me and said, “You’re all set…I’m pretty sure you’ve saved someone’s life already.”

If I have, I will probably never know it, but I do have several focus areas that could definitely save a life if I tell enough people – you may have already noticed this.  🙂  One of my pet projects is to make sure everyone knows how valuable their door can be in protecting them from fire.  Not just fire doors, almost any door!

This video from CBS Los Angeles is a GREAT educational tool to demonstrate the value of a closed door:

 Here’s another news story about the same test.


And another recent news report about fire doors…

Columbus Farmers Market saved from total destruction by fire doors, ‘excellent job’ by firefighters – New Jersey Online

As flames quickly spread in the Columbus Farmers Market Tuesday, part-owner Charlie Pratt rushed into the burning section of the seven-building complex to close the fire doors.

“He ran over and closed one fire door, another guy closed the other fire door and that saved the whole complex,” said Matthew McCrink, a lawyer representing the owners who was at the site Wednesday afternoon.

The blaze escalated to four alarms and firefighters spent nearly two hours bringing it under control amid high winds and heavy smoke.

Building No. 4, which housed 10 shops, was destroyed, but Pratt said it could have been far worse if not for the quick action on the fire doors and the efforts of roughly 150 firefighters who responded.

(I’m curious about why the fire doors had to be manually closed, but we’ll probably never know. – Lori)


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