I’m in Rochester, New Hampshire today, completing the practicum phase of my NFPA Certified Fire Plans Examiner certification, so here is a quick post about a new feature of this site!

I know some of you like doors as much as I do.  Every so often when I need a moment away from my code books, I go to Flickr and look at other peoples’ photos of doors.  I have “favorited” many of those photos and my man-behind-the-curtain, Robert Drake of Creekside Systems, added a slideshow featuring some of those images.  There will be a random image in the sidebar each time you come to visit the site, and you can click the link to see more.  If you want to see even MORE, there is a link below the slideshow that will take you to see ALL of my favorites on Flickr.  There’s a tab up at the top of the screen so you can return any time.


Click here to go to the new page, or use the tab at the top or the link in the sidebar.

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