The fact that this door swings in instead of out seems to confuse the burglar enough that he can’t figure out how to get in. However, I would NOT recommend inswinging doors as a security measure! Considering that people generally try to exit the way they came in, I think this opening could be an egress problem unless it is serving a very small bar.  What do you think?

Would-Be Burglar Thwarted After Pulling Door Marked ‘Push’ – CBS Chicago

Door thwarts would-be burglar at West Side bar – Chicago Tribune

The burglar took advantage of a temporary winter windbreak entrance to try to break in without being seen, said Lin, who released video and photos of the burglar to help warn other bar owners and catch the would-be burglar. The man used a bolt-cutter of some sort to break the lock in the double glass doors, then removed it and tried to get in.

On the video, “you can see that he tries to pull the door,” when a sign on the outside of the door says “push,” said Lin, who originally released still photos and video of the incident to Chicago.

But while the video indicates the burglar became frustrated, it wasn’t just because of the door opening in, Lin said. The burglar also broke the door and caused a metal rod that braced the door closed to fall on the ground, he said.

While some have questioned why the door opened inward, because public places of amusement are required under the Chicago Fire Code to have exits that open outward, Lin said there is a nearby fire exit that opens outward.

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