I couldn’t wait until another Wordless Wednesday rolled around to post this one.

Me (immediately after taking the photo): “That’s a good one.”
My 11YO daughter: “What’s good about it?”
Me: “Well, the two firemen are standing directly in front of the blocked exit.”
11YO: “So by ‘good’, you really mean ‘bad’.”
Me: “Yes, Captain Obvious!”  😀

I’m sure their emergency protocol includes having them run directly to the exit to remove the velvet rope.

Fire Department

Here’s the lobby during intermission.  The doors are way down on the right.  The velvet rope is still in place.


In case you’re wondering how many occupants there were in this venue…A LOT.

Occupant Load

My aim here is not to embarrass any facility or in this case, the firefighters.  I love and respect firefighters and I have been going to this event for over 15 years.  Everything that I post here is posted in the spirit of education and hopefully it is perceived that way.  If you see something, say something.  I have contacted the main office for this production and I’m sure they will correct the problem.

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