The Tampa Bay Hotel (although no longer a hotel) is an amazing building, especially once you hear about its history.  If you’ve got 15 minutes, check out this video:

Here’s what the building looks like on Google Maps.  It’s gigantic!

Google Maps

The building is now part of the University of Tampa campus, and one portion is occupied by the Henry B. Plant Museum.  There are enough beautiful doors there that I divided them into two posts.  First some of the exterior doors…

Museum Entrance a

Door Detail

Door Detail

Almost all of the doors swing into the building, which is not compliant with today’s codes, but may have been acceptable to the AHJ because of the historic nature of the building but also because many of the doors stand open, weather permitting.


Bank of 3

Entrance Pair

The lock fronts and strikes are rabbeted to accommodate the door edge.

Rabbeted Lock  Rabbeted Strike

Entrance Interior

This “ramp” may not meet accessibility requirements, but a ramp in this location would be very difficult to retrofit:


A few more beautiful details from the exterior:

Masonry a

I <3 minarets!


The windows in this section are curved:

Curved Windows a

Porch 2a

Porch a

Trim a

And one of the main entrances:

Main Entrance a

Later this week, the interior!

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