On a weekend trip to Family Science Day, I saw these super-tall doors at the convention center:

Tall Doors

Tall Door

Can you spot the code issue with the convention center’s entrance doors below?

Balanced Doors Exterior

Balanced Doors Interior

Boston’s Faneuil Hall was built in 1742 as a meeting hall, and is now part of one of the most visited tourist sites in America.  I know these doors aren’t original since the building was destroyed by fire (except its brick walls) in 1761 and has been renovated several times.  But they’re quite old and an interesting design – one narrow swinging door and a set of bifold panels.

Folding Pair

Folding Pair


Old Lock


I’ve visited Quincy Market many times, but I never noticed that when the glass and aluminum entrance vestibules were added, the existing doors were left in the open position.  The existing doors (and hinge below) are visible through the glass on the side of the vestibule.

Old Door New Vestibule


A couple of interesting door pulls on the South Market Building:

Snake Pull  L'Attitude Pulls

And I noticed this “extended lip” for an electric strike:

Electric Strike

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