Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m a little *too* passionate (borderline weird) when it comes to doors and their code issues.  Today I struggled with whether or not to call the fire marshal regarding the indoor playground I posted about earlier in the week.  At the urging of some AHJs in other parts of the country, I did.  It feels like tattle-taling, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened.  It probably won’t, but what if?

This afternoon I enjoyed an article written by someone who feels like I do about fire prevention and education – Daniel Byrne.  I could hear his passion for building safety as I read.  When I emailed him to ask for his thoughts on fire and egress door inspection, he got right back to me.  I love being able to connect with like-minded people, including code officials.  They’re such a great source of information and experience.

I think you will all enjoy reading Daniel’s article on

Prevention Points: Ripped from the Headlines

Reading the news headlines of 2011, I have to wonder if we in the fire service have learned anything; especially after recently learning that the buildings which claimed the lives of two of our brothers in Chicago and another in Worcester had outstanding codes violations – “Charges Against Owner of Building in Chicago LODDs” and “Building Where Mass. Firefighter Died Had Violations.” Reading these stories is like hearing an ominous voice booming from the shadows foretelling of disaster if we do not take heed!  A voice that becomes more mocking with each article:

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