Jon Bossie of Surveillance Specialties sent me the photos below to see if any of my readers had ideas about how to add access control to these sliding doors.  He and I both have some thoughts but maybe there’s something we haven’t considered.  The doors are mounted on the outside face of the wall, each serving an individual office.  When the door is closed, it overlaps the aluminum frame face.  There is currently no method of securing the doors.  WWYD?

I have lots of other photos so if there’s a detail you want to see, just ask.  Jon can answer any questions you have, so just leave them in the comments.  Let the discussion begin!


UPDATE:  After lots of discussion, here is the proposed solution.  Feel free to comment if you have any feedback for Jon before he goes forward with it.  If any of you have a challenging situation you’d like help with, just send me some good quality photos or sketches, and a summary of what you’re trying to do.  Thank you to everyone who shared their input on this one!

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