I’m spending the night in Miami Beach for the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) conference.  I had some free time this afternoon so I took a drive around looking for some doors to share with you all.  Despite my hunting, almost every commercial door I saw was run-of-the-mill aluminum storefront.  No custom pulls, no fancy glass, nothing ornate…I’m sure they’re here somewhere, but I didn’t find them.

Instead I have the entrance door of the hotel where we ate dinner.  It’s an automatic door, and the sensor has been mounted on the projecting post.  Hideous!

And…the hotel where I’m spending the night.  The rooms at the conference rate were sold out, so I booked another hotel nearby.  I should have questioned why it was half the price (or less than half) of the other hotels.  I don’t have a ruler with me, but my fingers can fit into the gaps at the top, the bottom lock edge, and the hinge edge of my door (remember, the maximum clearance is 1/8″ for wood doors and 3/16″ for hollow metal doors).  The stair door right next to my room does not latch.  In the parking garage, I unpropped the rated stair door and let it close, only to find that there was no lever handle on the stair side.  On another floor of the garage, the latchbolt was duct taped to keep it from latching.  Very sad.  I think I need to turn in early.  On a positive note, the hotel has a sprinkler system.  Good night all!

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