I’m on a mini-vacation with my family for the holidays, but I’ve already spotted some doors of interest for you so I will post those soon.

I took a photo of a restaurant exit last night, and my friend’s son asked why.  His father said that the next time they pass the restaurant it will be closed down for a code violation…like I’m an Egress-Scrooge.  There was that one time when an AHJ recognized the location of one of my photos, but my aim isn’t to get any establishments shut down, it’s to educate and sometimes entertain.  Plus it gives me something to do.  How would I spend my time otherwise?  😉

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday and take some time to rest and relax and prepare for the new year ahead.  I’m ready to take on a couple of (big) new projects in 2012, which I will tell you more about later.  Meanwhile, thank you for visiting my site, and joining in the conversation.  I really enjoy the relationships I’ve made and the input I’ve received from all of you.

Happy Holidays!!!

– Lori

P.S.  My kids look forward to having breakfast with Santa every year, as Santa is a very special friend of mine.  I’ve heard that he dabbles in hardware in the off-season.  Really.    🙂

Here’s a little glimpse into my life from November of 2007 when Santa called to invite us to breakfast.  If you’ve ever wondered why I’m insane, now you know.

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