Feeling the Heat: Fire Doors – Building.co.uk
“Incorrectly specified fire doors could, at worst, cost lives. Now a landmark legal case could mean that it’s the contractor and specifier who will end up in court.”

Ten dead in Delhi factory fire, all exits were blocked – Indo-Asian News Service
“Prima facie it appears that the building stored too many cartons and all the exits and escape routes were blocked as a result. There is a wire mesh on the walls that did not allow those trapped inside to jump. The windows were also blocked.”

With all exits blocked, workers were trapped in fire – NDTV
“Every possible exit route in the three-storey building had been blocked. The door to the terrace was locked. The windows had grills on them – installed by managers who were reportedly worried that workers would steal the shoes they were making.

Traditions foil fire exit at Jerusalem church – The Associated Press
“Thousands of Christian believers will fill the medieval chambers of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem on Saturday April 23, 2011 for a yearly ritual known as the Holy Fire, packed shoulder to shoulder and holding burning candles as pilgrims have done for centuries. And in 2011, as in centuries past, the church will have only one door and no fire exit.”

104th Street shelter fire reveals 13 violations – Columbia Spectator
“On Tuesday, the city’s Department of Buildings resolved a complaint filed the day of the fire which claimed that some residents were stuck in the building for 15 minutes because the fire door was locked. The updated report says that no blocked or locked exit door was found at the time of inspection on Tuesday.”

Deadly apartment fire in Aurora started in tenant’s kitchen – Denver Post
“The resident of the unit where the fire originated discovered the fire and ran out of the apartment, leaving the front door open, according to a news release from the Aurora Fire Department.  The fire then spread out of the apartment and into the building’s exterior stairwell.”

Reggie gets out alive: Trapped in a fire (video) – WTSP10 News
“Successfully entering homes with bars have not always been easy.  15 years ago, firefighters had to pull a family from a burning apartment. The front door had bars and the family couldn’t find the key to open it.”


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