I know some of you will remember “Chip Falcon’s Road Trip” from a couple of years ago.  For those of you who weren’t readers of this blog back then…I usually go on a road trip with my family every summer.  In the summer of 2009, I had to take a Falcon 25 series panic device on the road trip so I could show it to a specwriter who had moved to South Carolina.  Since I was dragging the panic device (nicknamed Chip Falcon) around, I wrote a series of posts about the various places that we visited on our road trip and wrote about some of the features of the 24/25 series which had just been introduced.

We’re going on a road trip again this summer, and I’m looking for ideas for buildings with interesting or beautiful doors to visit and blog about.  I know I’ll definitely be in Tennessee (Crossville area) and Sarasota, Florida, plus lots of places in between.  If you have any suggestions for sites I should visit, send them along!

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email with some photos of Ellis Island.  I am definitely putting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on my road trip itinerary for this summer.  It’s hard to believe I’ve never been there.  Here’s the email:

Hello Lori,

My Name is Edward and I’ve been installing architectural door hardware for 20 years and enjoy every end of this interesting field.  I have installed hardware at many great landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Giants Stadium (both old and new), and Ellis Island to name a few.  Working with mainly IR products, I have to say it’s some of the best hardware out there.  I recently found this website and wish I found it a lot sooner as I think it’s just fanatastic!!

The reason I’m writing to you is I wanted to share a couple photos of some very interesting pieces of door history that I had a rare opportunity to work on and and install.  Back in 2006, I had the chance to work at Ellis Island and be a part of a crew that would restore the Ferry Building (which is now open to the public).  While there I was able to view some of the “un-restored” buildings that are on the island.  I was blown away to say the least when I walked through and felt like I went back in time!!  I snapped a lot of photos and wanted to share a few of them with you.

The first pictures are pairs of doors that I installed in the Ferry Building and the last photos are from the other buildings on the island that the public has not seen in many, many years.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and I’m glad I found this great site which looks to be filled with some valuable information.  Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Regards, Edward

Thank you Edward for sharing your photos, and for giving me the first stop on Summer Road Trip 2011!

Here are some other websites where you can see photos of the unrestored areas of Ellis Island:

Ward Nine, Urban Ruins Photography – Ellis Island South Side
Ward Nine, Urban Ruins Photography – Ellis Island North Side
Ellis Island, Ghosts of Freedom, by Stephen Wilkes
Nathan Kensinger Photography
The Urban Landscape Discussion Forum
Oblivion State Discussion Forum
Ellis Island Group on Flickr
Life Magazine – photos of Ellis Island in use

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