The hotel in Las Vegas where we had our sales meeting had a Moroccan theme…I felt right at home since my husband is originally from Morocco and I love that style.  The entrance doors to the ballroom had a pattern created by contrasting stain and oversized metal brads.  They’re labeled doors so I wonder whether the brads were considered plant-ons or whether they required any special testing or approval.

For those of you who are paying close attention, yes, that’s a plunger stop at the bottom of the door.  When you’re specifying or supplying hardware for a ballroom or meeting room, I would always recommend providing a code-compliant means of holding the door open or the facility will take matters into their own hands.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michael Rebbec, a member of our Specwriter Development Program, I’ve learned that these were not actual brads, they were attached with adhesive!

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