Tonight I attended the local DHI chapter meeting, where I was one of the presenters in a “cracker barrel” style presentation on fire door assembly inspection.  It was kind of like FDAI speed dating.  We had 6 tables, each with a different topic and 1 or 2 presenters per table, and the attendees cycled through all of the tables to hear a 10-minute presentation on each topic.

The topics were:

  • FDAI Basics
  • Inspection Criteria
  • Responsibility & Liability
  • Potential Business Models
  • Software Tools
  • Education & Certification

If your local DHI chapter is interested in putting on this presentation, get in touch and I can help you with handouts, etc.

During the dinner portion of our meeting, one of the DHI members at my table said that when I don’t post on the blog for a few days, he grumbles about it (Hi Joe!).  That’s so cool!  I’m always surprised and excited when I hear that people come to the blog to check out what I’ve posted about, because sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself.  I hate to disappoint when I run out of time to write a post, but some days just get away from me.  I’ll try to do better!  🙂

This was the exit door from the function room for our meeting tonight.  Personally, I think the curtains are an issue, and the panic device is way too high – maybe not too high to be code-compliant (48″ maximum a.f.f.) but too high to look normal.


Thank you to everyone who participated in tonight’s meeting!!

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