NetsI just said to my husband, “I’ve got to post something *fun* on the blog tonight.”  I figured that after a couple of very technical, code-heavy posts, we all needed a break.  He looked at me like I had two heads…I guess this isn’t his idea of fun.

So here it is…door and hardware fun.

I saw this door at the indoor soccer field last weekend.  The entire field is surrounded by nets, with gaps in the nets to allow access to the field.  As you can see, there are gaps in the net at this exit door.  Do you think this application is code compliant?  Why / Why not?  

Leave a comment with your answer (click here and scroll down).  I’ll collect all of the answers until Friday, October 16th, and one lucky guesser will get whatever I can dig out of the prize vault.  

Good luck!  And have FUN!!

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