Panic Used As A Foot PullWhen this photo arrived in my inbox, I immediately thought the panic was mounted in that position to be operated by someone’s foot.  I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around the latching/unlatching situation…I really think it’s just being used as a pull bar and that there’s no strike installed.  On my next road trip maybe I’ll swing through Alabama so I can check it out.

I received confirmation that waitresses are using it to open the door when they are entering the restaurant from the patio with their hands full.  It’s an interesting idea that could have been accomplished by a stationary push/pull bar, or an innovated door pull that I saw on a rest area bathroom door during my 2008 summer road trip.

FootpullIt’s called the Footpull, and it’s available from for $42 plus shipping (2015 update:$49.50).  The website cites a bunch of scary statistics about how few people actually wash their hands after using the bathroom and how many work/school days are lost due to illness.  I really like the idea of the Footpull, and if it can help keep me from getting the Swine Flu, even better.

I just wish I’d thought of it first.  😉

Panic device photo courtesy of George Cutler, Quarters Hardware.

Footpull photo courtesy of

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