One of the Top 10 *issues* I’ve consistently had to deal with over the years is US10B – oil-rubbed bronze finish.  This has been the finish of choice when the “antique” or “historic” look is desired, and whenever I’m asked to specify it I make sure that the architect knows what’s going to happen after the hardware is installed.

I have new and used pieces of hardware with US10B finish that I send out as samples.  If that doesn’t work I have photos, letters from manufacturers, and I do everything short of asking for a signature in blood to make sure that I don’t get the phone call complaining that the finish is coming off.

I still get the call on every job.  I explain that the finish is supposed to come off and expose the brass/bronze base material, and remind them that I warned them that this would happen, but it still becomes my problem.

Once and for all, here’s what US10B looks like after it has been installed for a while.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

US10B Panic Device US10B Pulls US10B Push Plates US10B Pulls New Panic, Old Knob - Both US10B

Aged Bronze 643eI’m very excited to report that Ingersoll Rand has announced a new finish called “Aged Bronze” (BHMA 643e) which provides the antique/historic look but remains consistent over time.  The 643e finish is available on Schlage L, ND, AL, and A series locksets, B500/600/700/800 deadlocks, all electrified locksets by Schlage Electronics, Von Duprin 98/99, 33/35, 55, and 88 series panic hardware, as well as many hinges, pulls, and stops in the Ives product line.  A complimentary powder coat finish is available on LCN closers.  The Schlage Residential aged bronze finish (BHMA 716) is identical to 643e, for projects where suiting of commercial and residential products is needed.

We will have samples available in our office shortly, and you can also view this pdf for more information.

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