Facebook Fan PageI’m not normally the type of person who would ask for fans…what if I didn’t have any??  That would stink.

Well, Friday afternoon I was talking to a colleague about how Colonial Williamsburg found my post about the doors there and posted a link on their Facebook fan page.  When I looked at my blog’s statistics, I was suddenly seeing lots of people come to the site via Facebook because of the link.

I know Facebook is a powerful networking tool but I wasn’t sure how to connect with others in the door and hardware industry without exposing the photos of me in 6th grade or at a recent Moms’ Night Out.  My colleague suggested that I create a fan page for the blog on Facebook, so that was my Friday night activity.  The page has links to recent posts, contact information for me, and eventually some of the funky application photos will be available there.  Now I just need some fans!

If you use Facebook, I hope you will check out my blog’s fan page and become a fan.  And if you have friends who like doors and hardware, or would get a kick out of learning that you’re not the only hardware fanatic out there, you could suggest that they become a fan too.  And they’ll tell 2 friends, and they’ll tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on…  🙂

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