Falcon NCToday we drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Williamsburg, Virginia.  It was a long day in the car but Chip insisted that we stop in FALCON, North Carolina to buy some personalized souvenirs for him.  We had no luck with the FALCON souvenirs…Falcon is a VERY small town without even a general store, but as I’m trying to teach my kids, there is something interesting about any place you go.  At first glance, Falcon had a lot of tobacco fields, an old folks’ home, and a water tower guarded by one feisty donkey, but it is also the location of the Falcon Children’s Home, which just celebrated 100 years of helping children who needed a place to live – about 20,000 kids to date!

Here are some other water towers we’ve seen on this road trip:

Byron GA Wytheville VA Mount Jackson, VA

water-tower-flagThis patriotic water tower and our current immersion in American history reminded me to point out that the Falcon 24/25 devices are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana, and are acceptable for use on projects that need to comply with the Buy American Act.

I found another great example of a painted door closer here in Williamsburg:

williamsburg-pair williamsburg-closer

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