There’s an article in the May/June 2009 issue of the NFPA Journal about the inspection of egress doors and fire doors.  You can access the article here.  It’s an excellent overview of the inspection requirements found in the 2009 Edition of NFPA 101 – The Life Safety Code. 

According to NFPA 101 – 2009, the items that must be evaluated during the inspection include the following: As a minimum, the following items shall be verified:
(1) Floor space on both sides of the openings is clear of obstructions, and door leaves open fully and close freely.
(2) Forces required to set door leaves in motion and move to the fully open position do not exceed the requirements in
(3) Latching and locking devices comply with
(4) Releasing hardware devices are installed in accordance with
(5) Door leaves of paired openings are installed in accordance with
(6) Door closers are adjusted properly to control the closing speed of door leaves in accordance with accessibility requirements.
(7) Projection of door leaves into the path of egress does not exceed the encroachment permitted by
(8) Powered door openings operate in accordance with
(9) Signage required by,,, and is intact and legible.
(10) Door openings with special locking arrangements function in accordance with
(11) Security devices that impede egress are not installed on openings, as required by

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