computer-room1I saw this homemade security device on a local high school a few years ago.  The school had been having trouble with their computer lab door, and this was their solution – a bent bar in 2 hasps welded to the door.  This is not code-compliant, as the codes require one motion to exit under most circumstances.

Here’s where to find this requirement:

IBC 2003, 2006: 1008.1.8.5;  IBC 2009: 1008.1.9.5

Unlatching. The unlatching of any door or leaf shall not require more than one operation.

Exception: More than one operation is permitted for unlatching doors in the following locations:

1. Places of detention or restraint.
2. Where manually operated bolt locks are permitted by Section 1008.1.8.4.
3. Doors with automatic flush bolts as permitted by Section 1008.1.8.3, Exception 3.
4. Doors from individual dwelling units and guestrooms of Group R occupancies as permitted by Section 1008.1.8.3, Exception 4.

Note:  The text in the 2003 edition of the IBC is the same as above except that it says “the unlatching of any leaf” rather than “the unlatching of any door or leaf.”

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