In the last 2 days, a certified fire door inspector and a hardware supplier have both asked me where it is stated that Maine and Massachusetts have adopted the 2007 edition of NFPA 80, which includes the requirement for the annual inspection of fire doors.

In Maine, it’s pretty easy: Office of State Fire Marshal, State of Maine – Adopted NFPA Standards. Scroll down to NFPA 80, and you’ll see the 2007 edition listed.

In Massachusetts, it’s more difficult. The 7th edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code (780 CMR) references NFPA 80 in Chapter 35, Referenced Standards (the “07” indicates the 2007 edition):


This section lists 7 locations within 780 CMR that NFPA 80 is referenced.

– 302.1.1.1 refers to NFPA 80 for maximum clearances for doors in incidental use areas.
– 715.3: “Fire door assemblies and shutters shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of 780 CMR 715.3 and NFPA 80.”
– 715.4.6.1 should actually be 715.3.6.1 and it has to do with size limits on glazing in fire doors.
– 715.4.4 relates to non-wire glass.
– 715.4.7.2 should be 715.3.7.2 and is regarding automatic closing fire door assemblies.
– 715.5 should be 715.4, which is related to fire protection rated glazing.
– 715.3.5 is not listed above but contains a reference to NFPA 80 regarding fire door labels.
– 1008.1.3.3 is related to horizontal sliding doors.

So the clearest reference that would point to the requirement for fire door inspection is 715.3 because according to that paragraph, fire door assemblies have to be installed in accordance with NFPA 80.

We are spreading the word about fire door inspection but it’s a slow process.  If it was easy, everyone would do it!

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