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Dec 05 2017

Access Board Video on Maneuvering Clearance

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I’m almost finished creating my series of ShortCodes on-demand classes – 41 done and only 6 left to go!  These classes will be ready for y’all within the next couple of months.  I found the video below while I was creating the class on maneuvering clearances, and I think it does a great job of explaining the maneuvering clearance requirements of the ADA, and a few other basic accessibility requirements pertaining to doors.

If you don’t see the video embedded below, you can access it here.

Keep in mind that the maneuvering clearances required by the ADA standards and ICC A117.1 are not exactly the same.  State and local accessibility requirements may also vary, so it’s important to refer to the applicable set of requirements for specific dimensions.  The ADA standards can be downloaded from, and ICC A117.1 can be purchased from the International Code Council.

Video: US Access Board

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2 Responses to “Access Board Video on Maneuvering Clearance”


    Great video Lori . Thanks

  2. Dwight Havens says:

    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; a good video, even more.

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