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Nov 28 2017

Six Locked Doors

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Today is the 75th anniversary of the fire at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston – one of the tragedies that had the biggest impact on the codes that pertain to doors, hardware, and means of egress.  A new documentary recounts the stories of some of the survivors, and memorializes the 492 people who lost their lives that day.  The documentary premiered in Boston last week, and I hope to get some more information on how/where/when the film can be viewed.  Until then, here is the trailer for Six Locked Doors:

NFPA created a video on the 70th anniversary of the fire, which also shares the stories of some of the survivors:

For more information on the Cocoanut Grove fire, visit these sites:

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  1. Sandy Bruns says:

    This story gets me every time. I read a story in the DHI magazine July 2008 and have never forgotten it. I hope none of us do forget it. For the story in the DHI magazine published in July 2008

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