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Oct 06 2016

Emergency Entrance?

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Sheldon Wolfe of BWBR Architects (recent winner of CSI’s Distinguished Membership Award!) sent me this photo just in time for my birthday, and it quickly became buried under hundreds of other emails in my inbox.  In case you think I have all of the answers, I don’t know why this door has been designated an emergency entrance.  And if it’s supposed to be used to enter the building during an emergency, why doesn’t it have any hardware on the outside?  The door is in the boarding drop-off area at a large airport.

Any ideas?



In other airport-related news…Keith Lunsford of Powers Products sent me the photo below from another large airport.  Several people have sent me photos of the doors at this same airport, and I have seen them myself more than once.  Virtually every exit has straps across it to deter egress.  Keith told me that he had communicated with someone at the airport via Twitter DM (direct message).  He was told that the straps were approved using magnets to hold one end to the frame, but someone in the maintenance department had used fasteners to attach some of them.  They were in the process of verifying that all were switched back to magnets.

I think this is a great example of how we can help notify facilities of egress problems and fire door deficiencies.  I wouldn’t call them out publicly on social media, but sending a message via Twitter, Facebook, etc., might help you reach the right person and get them to address the problem.


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5 Responses to “Emergency Entrance?”

  1. Charles anderson says:

    First one looks like they want employee use only.

    Second picture— how to deal with FAA. and Homeland Security.
    Will not change

  2. Pete Schifferli says:

    Very peculiar use of a center mullion with vertical rod devices. The mullion is generally used to enable the use of single point panic devices for more positive latching.

    Pete Schifferli

  3. Don Funsch says:

    Even on magnetics, the magnetics should be on the Mullion. Or if two tried to get out of each door it would be a mess. Just saying

  4. Tim Cannon says:

    The first one reminds me of Bill Engeval- ” Here’s your sign”

  5. Bob Caron says:

    In case of emergency, break glass. See, no exterior hardware required.

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