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Jun 21 2016

New CMS Final Fire Safety Regulations – Ober|Kaler Health Law Group

Category: Accessibility,Fire Doors,Health CareLori @ 12:27 am Comments (2)

This article about the updated CMS fire safety regulations crossed my desk over the weekend, and it contains a lot of information about how these changes will affect health care facilities.  It also reiterates what I said about fire door assembly inspections now being required for these occupancies.  Enjoy!

2 Responses to “New CMS Final Fire Safety Regulations – Ober|Kaler Health Law Group”

  1. Brad says:


    FYI… According to CMS, they have never accepted a state’s fire and safety code as equivalent to or stricter than the LSC in the federal regulations. A couple of states have applied (i.e. Michigan and California) but so far, CMS has not approved their state code as equal to the LSC.

    That means all states representing CMS are using the 2012 LSC.


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