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May 31 2016

Oldest Panic Hardware Ever?

Deb Henson of DH Consulting sent me these photos of some REALLY old panic hardware.  These doors were spotted at a home show, and were originally installed on a YMCA in Laurel, Mississippi, built in 1904.  Do they look familiar to anyone?  Hopefully the hook at the top was for some sort of hold-open and not an unsafe means of locking the door.  And before you comment on the hinge set-up…that was done so the doors would stand up for display purposes.




The doors may have been sold by now (or maybe not!), but they were displayed by The Reclaimed Miles Company, Architectural Salvage, 140 Wesley Avenue, Jackson, MS 39202, 601-624-8628. Here’s their Facebook page.  I LOVE poking through architectural salvage – how about you?

Don’t forget to send me photos of any interesting doors seen during your summer travels!

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6 Responses to “Oldest Panic Hardware Ever?”

  1. Glenn Younger says:

    I had always heard and believed that the earlist devices were Von Duprin from 1908.
    Wonder if these were later doors from this building? Or if they were original doors and hardware by someone else?

    • Lori says:

      Von Duprin made the first device in 1908. Maybe these were retrofitted after the building was built. I don’t know if they’re Von Duprin though.

      – Lori

  2. jutzi says:

    It’s from another Bill Elliott spec……. 😉

  3. M. Stenner says:

    Wonder if that glass is fire-rated?
    You may also run into some issues with the EPA; due to the lead-based paint probably applied to that door (common practice to use lead-based exterior-grade paints for doors and window frames, due to condensation) Caveat Emptor!

  4. Bill Elliott says:

    Jutzi would know that it was one of my specs. because he bid on the project.

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